Departmental award winners at the Faculty Council

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At this year's celebratory Faculty Council on Wednesday 28 June 2023, several of our faculty colleagues received new appointments or faculty recognition.


(Picture: Dr. Patziger Miklós)


Dr. Attila Erdélyi has been awarded the honorary professor title. 


Dr. Tamás Károly Simon has been awarded the honorary associate professor title.


Two lecturers have been appointed as associate professors, Dr. Judit Emília Csanaky és Dr. Balázs Nagy.


Four leacturers from our department received the Faculty Researcher Award for their research performance during the years 2020-2022. In the non-leading lecturer category, Dr. Sándor Sólyom suceeded 1st place and Dr. Balázs Nagy achieved the 2nd place, while in the leading-lecturer category, Dr. Éva Eszter Lublóy won the 1st place and Dr. György László Balázs accomplished 3rd place.


Based on the last year's teaching performance, four lecturers from our department received recognition at the OHV evaluation.

Among the non-leading lecturers, Dr. Viktor Hlavicka succeded 2nd place and Anna Szijártó obtained 5th place, while in the leading leturer category, Dr. Olivér Fenyvesi achieved 2nd place and Dr. Salem Nehme got the 3rd place.