Numerical modelling of biomechanical behavior of the muscles in the human cervical spine

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The human cervical spine is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Its damage may cause extremely serious problems in the human life. The cervical spine contains vertebrae and spinal discs, surrounded and fixed by tendons and muscles.

The task: The muscles of the human cervical spine create a complicated 3D system around the bone elements. Their numerical simulation is possible in different ways, starting from the specific nonlinear cable elements until the 3D nonlinear anisotropic bodies. The main goal of the student scientific work is a numerical comparison of the different possible models, taking into account the material and geometric nonlinearity of the tendons and especially their complex internal force systems (initial pre-stressing, nervous system directed pre-stressing and the effect of different external loads).

Condition: Preliminary experience in using a general finite element software system (ANSYS, MARC, ABAQUS, etc.).

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