Advanced construction materials
Advanced Mathematics in Geodesy and Surveying
Advanced Physical Geodesy
Alcali activated materials in civil engineering
Aquatic chemistry
Artificial intelligence
Building energy modelling (BEM)
Cable and Tensile Membrane Structures
Close-range photogrammetry
Computational analysis and design
Computational hydraulics
Design Theories and Concepts
Digital surface modeling
Digital surface modeling
Drinking water treatment technologies and health aspects of water supply
Durability of construction materials
Engineering geological risk assessment
Expertise in building design
Force transfer in concrete
Fracture Mechanics
Fragility assessment
Functional Analysis
Geoinformatical systems
Geoscientific and Navigation Applications of GNSS and InSAR
Geoscientific Foundations of Geodesy
Geotechnical finite element analysis
Hydrogeology of subsurface water
Hydrological modelling and forecasting
Image processing
Integrated Sensor Systems in Geodesy and Surveying
Laser scanning
Material Models in Mechanics
Materials of environmentally compatible construction
Mechanics of composites
Mechanics of Masonry Structures
Modelling of railway tracks
Natural wastewater treatment
Numerical Methods
Pavement analysis and design
Plates and sandwich structures
Railway Track Geometry
Reinforced concrete modelling
Relationship between structure and behaviour of concrete
Rheological and temperature dependent material properties
Rock mechanical modelling
Satellite remote sensing
Sediment transport modelling
Seepage and groundwater hydraulics
Seismic design principles
Shell structures
Space Geodesy
Spatial Temporal Databases
Special geotechnical tests
State of the art wastewater treatment
Stone in structures
Structural Optimization
Technical value analysis
Theoretical hydrodynamics
Thin Walled Steel Structures
Water quality classification
Water quality in drinking water networks